Mixing Matters creates  joyful connection between and with diverse young people, igniting creative leadership through drawing on the social technology of the Thinking Environment®, as well as practising DJ-ing and digital storytelling skills.

Creating Thinking Environments®

Mixing Matters draws on a social and listening technology called the Thinking Environment. It's based on an observation and question. The observation is that "The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking" (Nancy Kline).

The question is then "Which conditions need to be present for us to do our best and independent thinking?"

 After years of research in schools and organizations Nancy Kline, founder of the Thinking Environment methodology and President of Time To Think Inc, together with her associates, recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in ten specific ways. Our programs are informed by the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment® which include: Attention, Equality, Ease, Appreciation, Feelings, Encouragement, Diversity, Information, Incisive Questions, PlaceThe peer learning environment is created through the explicit use of Thinking Environment applications such as Rounds and Thinking Pairs, presencing these Ten Components. Find out more here http://www.thethinkingfield.com or http://www.timetothink.com

Bespoke sessions are designed for participants to learn the skill of co-creating Thinking Environments and use it to access their most courageous, creative and innovative thinking, feeling and being. 

Digital Storytelling

Combining DJ-ing, Music, Film and the Thinking Environment social technology to create Digital Stories to share, igniting joyful connections & confidence.

  • Each individual has an opportunity to play the role of: DJ,  Videographer, Photographer,  Support, (Wardrobe, make up, styling) Interviewer (Journalist, social media person chatting to online audience.
  • Each individual will be given a chance to prepare and digitally record a 10-15 minute mix (3 or 4 tracks).
  • Performances will be filmed on smart phone and be streamed live on Facebook or Snap chat via a Mixing Matters page.
  • Participants will interview the DJ  about their experience or music selection.


Program benefits

  • Learning simple practices for engaging and communicating with others: powerful essential leadership skills
  • Tuning into their own brilliance and potential: ensuring they can take the initiative, and face and solve problems more deftly
  • Increased self esteem of your people: to be able to lead creatively, from any position 
  • An increased sense of connection to self and others: healthier relationships and happier outlook
  • More welcoming of diversity: ensuring a positive experience for all
  • Learn simple practices for engaging and communicating with others: powerful & essential leadership skills