The Challenge

Today, getting people’s attention is a BIG challenge! One that is amplified with our youth.

A challenge in engaging young people is that they are disillusioned after being through an outdated system of education, one which was created for a different time. Young people are now living in the most stimulating period in our planet’s history. Demands on their attention are coming at them with information from multiple platforms: computers, iPhones, from advertising, and from hundreds of television channels. And we are penalizing them for getting distracted.

Most have been shut down by the education system causing an initial resistance to ‘learning programs’, as noted by educational revolutionary Sir Ken Robinson.  

School drop out rates are increasing worldwide, further speaking to a rejection of conventional education.

What if rather than putting our young people to sleep, we could be waking them up to who they really are, the best that they can be, creating a learning opportunity that stimulates all senses in a way that triggers meaningful engagement. Creative expression especially enables highly engaging experiences.

How can we ignite experiences in which young people are in touch with their senses and operating at their peak, fully alive, and at their most creative?

The Opportunity

 Each young person has the capacity to be a creative leader in their own right.

The success of youth leadership programs is tied inextricably to the innate creativity that can be ignited in each young person. Mixing Matters ignites this creativity through a diverse Thinking Environment®, a leadership development and social technology process, as well as practising DJ-ing and digital storytelling skills.

Young people have a vital story to share:  if we can create the right conditions for them to express this, they can access their best selves more easily.

Who is this for?


Diverse young people of all backgrounds

Facilitators wanting to learn how to create thinking, feeling, being environments using a range of engaging methodologies and digital media

Organizations and schools working in the youth leadership space wanting to create a shared culture of connection, openness, creativity, storytelling and independent thinking 

People wanting to build connection whilst having fun